Friday, February 23, 2007

ahh what mindless fun!

What more can a girl ask for when her brain is burnt out at the end of the working week than a brilliant idea from Stuffability in which you simply put your name and the word 'needs' into google and list the first 10 entries: So What does aimee need?....

1: Aimee Needs A Mommy!!!!!!!

2: aimee needs a roomate asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3: “needs attention” - Aimee Attitude!

4: AIMEE Needs A Foster Home She tends to ignores cats.

5: Aimee needs Sugarcoated. She has written precious few real rockers, and she needs one to keep the set cooking along

6: Aimee, needs a heart transplant to survive her rare disorder,

7: Miss Aimee needs some retraining.

8: the world is stricken of love and aimee is sick of it and needs someone to save her from these emotionless people. ... (ohh, it's like google knows me...:p)

9: New York needs Aimee!!! Aimee needs BBQ! BBQ needs Aimee! We are all so needy needy. (I need New York Too...really I do , I do!!)

10: I think you and Cookie need to move to wales actually… :) (But New York neeeeeds me!!)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

belated thanks

Gosh I'm terrible, I got the most wonderful presents in a swap before christmas and it's taken me until now to acknowledge their magnificence. (is that a word- just a tad floaty at the mo and have taken to making up words that I think are real). Any way, I digress- I got a fabulous package from Madeline and the best thing was this rather cute screen printed whale bag that came on the day I decided to vanquish my fear of horizontal stripes and don this jump suit (me in a jump suit- I truly didn't know that I had it in me.) Any way the bag is just great as is all the other goodies. Thanks so much Madeline.

Everything's gone pear shape

Excuse me but since when was it okay for January to just come and go without so much as a Wazzah!, I'm pretty sure it was just christmas, wasn't it? Why are there hot cross buns in the supermarket? AHHHHHH! 2007 is all just a bit too much for me at this point in time. Despite the majority of things in my life being ever so slightly pear-shaped, I can carry the fruit appeal in to my home decor. Firstly, the most amazing pear shaped teapot a thrifty bargain at only $6.50- I swear the shelf where it sat was hit with a beam of light and orchestral climactic music played when I spied it. Secondly are the most brilliant brass pear containers, a fantastic gift from the most fabulous and newly wedded Marianne. kitchy yet practical- the only way I can justify new things in my home, thanks Ms M.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

As I wait impatiently for the chocolate ganache to cool enough to spread on my cupcakes, I thought I would squeeze in a moment to wish everyone a sensational christmas. The weather prediction for our 'Summer' christmas is a very chilly 16c and raining. Makes me wish I was back in my second home of Danmark drinking Glog and enjoying the dark winter lights, cause there's something a bit desperate about having an outdoors barbeque lunch despite the freezing temperatures or maybe that's what makes a Melbourne Christmas so unique- Wherever you find your self this christmas, be safe and be happy XO

Sunday, December 10, 2006

no pattern...crossed fingers...sigh of relief

I found this doily at an op-shop the other week and it was one of those epiphanies when you can clearly see exactly what you want to make. I am quite fond of the no pattern/cut-and-hope-for-the-best method and in this case I'm pretty darn stoked with the outcome.

holidays now a distant memory!

I went to Cairns in tropical North Queensland for 5 whole days a couple of weeks ago, at least I think I did, after swinging back into 13 hour work days it seems like something i might have made up, anyhow I'm well and truly back to earth with a thud. Luckily I've had 2 days off in amongst everything and am ecstatic that 1 of those days coincided with Akira Isogawa's sample and remnant sale. I truly think that the man is a revelation in the fashion world. He has had exhibitions in National Gallery's with good reason. His experimentation with fabric dyeing/knitting/embroidering techniques alone is a gift, before you even get to the garments he makes out of them. His garments are definitely designer prices, even on sale, but even if you never wore one of his dresses, you would get your money's worth from hanging it on the wall as a work of art. (Yes I bought something special there...l shall post a picture if I can bestil my beating heart every time I take it out of its box, long enough to take a photo) I also got 2 bags of remnants (literally tiny scraps of material, but amazingly beautiful nonetheless!).

Enough of my Akira gushing now while I post some images from Melbournes GPO Boutique/Designer complex (I don't go there too much because although it is inspiring, the prices can induce a coronary condition)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

blogging overload

I have been doing a temp job that allows me heaps of time to read all my favourite blogs, and having done just that, I have felt guilty that my poor little blog was looking so sparse- thus the multiple entries: I really am in awe of some of those blogs, where on earth do you find the time to write such indepth, inspiring blogs, let alone make or resource all of the stuff that you put into them!

Thought I'd finish up the day with another couple of items from my abode- I'm half way through hanging my collection of pictures up and here are the latest ones.

super speedy pillowcase skirt

The moment I clapped eyes on this 70's pillowcase it was either going to morph into a skirt or a halterneck top- enter scissors/sewing machine and ribbon and 15 minutes later I have a brand new skirt! (being a pencil skirt shape though means I have to walk like a lady- and that takes practice!)

latest haul

No, there is no sight in end to the quest that is op-shopping. I found these lovely things in my favourite op-shop of all time: My mum took me shopping there literally since birth, and it's one of those great stores that hasn't changed at all, it is stuck in a timewarp and I find that really reassuring in this world where everything else changes infinitely on a daily basis.

First up is this wee little lamb who is sitting on a sea of orange crotcheted place mats. I'm not sure what I'm going to use them for just yet (seeings as I don't have a dining table) but the colour is just unbeatable, so I'm sure to find something.

Next are these gorgeous simple ceramic coasters that were only $2.50 and still had their original (and very pricey) store tag on them.

last of all is this asian inspired table cloth, I've decided that my christmas presents this year will be goodie bags of handmade, bought and found 'things' so that I can just pick things up as I go rather than panicking on finding the one great gift- and so this table cloth is going straight into my mum's christmas bag.

Monday, November 20, 2006

My first crafty swap

I discovered Swap-bot a few months ago and I did a music swap which involved compiling a cd of music from your local area in whatever genre mix you wanted. I sent my Melbourne mix over to a girl in Canada, while I received a very cool cd from London. I love how swaps can connect you with a stranger on the other side of the world with something so tangible. My next dabble at swapping is the wallet swap organised by Amy at purplepinkandorange It was for a wallet (bought, made or found). My swap partner turned out to be Amy herself and I have just sent off this bag with a matching coin purse. I know its a bit of a variation on the whole concept of wallet and it is neither pink, purple nor orange, but it is off to the US today and I hope she likes it.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A week off and still not enough time

When I planned a week off, in my mind I envisiged sleeping in, organising, cleaning and relaxation- how wrong could I be! Don't get me wrong, a week off is a brilliant thing and I am definitely getting stuff done: finishing recording the last song for the album tomorrow, have revamped a few 70s dresses, gone through my wardrobe and put a whole pile of beauties up for sale on ebay and taken the rest to the op-shop. But I wasn't prepared for my complete lack of motivation in the home cleaning department- I look at the dishes and then I leave them (repeat this action a number of times in various corners of my apartment and you have the idea) I logged onto Flylady for inspiration- but honestly she can keep her shiny, smiling sink. I'm going out for coffee! Oh, but before I do- Here's my spanking new couch that's looking a little bit too Ikea showroom right now but I'm working on it.